Hannah earned her Bachelor of Arts in Massachusetts at Wheaton College in May 2012. While in school, Hannah focused her creativity primarily in the printmaking and film photography classes she took at Wheaton and in her summer abroad in Florence, Italy. It wasn’t until her junior year in college that she discovered her love for the oil medium in her spring semester at the Burren College of Art in Ballyvaughan, Ireland. 

Since her graduation, Hannah has continued to expand and develop her practice of oils in portrait painting courses at the Museum of Fine Art in Boston, and on her own.

Hannah is currently working on a nostalgic summer series depicting vintage fly fishing equipment and outboard motor advertisements (See Lake Studies: an exploration of summer). She attributes this inspiration to the summers she spent in the Adirondack Mountains growing up, and is consumed with her dissection of the timelessness and relevance of the old and the new; directing this obsession under her study of the oil medium. 

Hannah happily accepts commission quotes and inquiries, as well as constructive feedback and pricing questions regarding the work she displays here!

Get in touch with her, she's nice! 

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